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I applaud your incisive critique of this over-priced tomb to Obama's ideas and purported "dreams." I was appalled at how easily liberals were conned by him in 2008. Just consider two examples: A) in the 2008 campaign, he boasted that his campaign would not take money from corporate lobbyists. He was correct. He got the money directly from corporations instead of lobbyist-conduits between the corporations and his campaign. B) In 2008, he got more money than either Hillary or John Mc Cain from Big Pharma, and early in 2009, he made it clear that he would not authorize Mediare to bargain with Big pharma for lower drug prices. My newsletter on substack contains an article which explores some of the psychological problems which might be propelling his covert conservatism. This is the link: https://davidgottfried.substack.com/p/why-barack-obama-might-dislike-black

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