You have constructed a very elegant and well-written argument which effectively denies the killer's personhood. Of course, I suppose that once in a while such evil can arise "ex nihilo," or out of nothing. However, most of the time I think evil is caused, and I think it is quite possible that someone was quite rotten to the killer.

Also, I don't see why one's fear of being replaced is indicative of one's worthlessness to begin with. When Jews were gassed, and their property was given to "Aryans," they were of course being replaced. If they feared replacement, did that make them worthless ?

I certainly agree that blacks have suffered enormously at the hands of whites. They have been enslaved, lynched, libeled. lacerated in the streets and left to die.

However, VIOLENCE BEGETS VIOLENCE and some blacks have been very violent to some whites. Some white men, upon going to prison, have been raped by dozens of black men. Some white men have been stabbed in the street. Some white men have been murdered. And some white men have exploded like time bombs.

Finally, I saw an interesting idea posited by Jonah Goldberg. He noted that some leaders of minority groups have expressed happiness because the percentage of Americans who are people of color has continuously increased. They have been elated because their population gains may auger imminent electoral gains as they wrest power from whites, i.e., they will replace whites as mayors, etc. If they are so happy about winning and replacing whites, isn't it natural that some whites will greet these developments with chagrin.

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Aren't republicans all freaked out about replacement theory because they think democrats are opening the immigration door to foreigners only because they want them to vote democrat. Problem is they are voting for republicans. R's are good at getting their panties in a bunch and freaking out about almost everything. Why they think D's have a plan is beyond me, D's are too useless and corrupt to have a plan to win at anything. Look at how the D's are doing nothing good during Biden's run. We got a war and lost our reproductive rights on their watch, even Trump didn't do that much bad on his turn. We are screwed when R's are in control and we are double screwed when D's are in control. In the long run, R's & D's are no different than Coke and Pepsi, they are owned by the same person/corporation, the rich. The real struggle is between the rich and everyone else. The media and the police, work for the rich & do their bidding even if unknowingly. The established systems are all failing, we need new everything, 3rd, 4th & 5th political parties, new media, new systems. We have a lot more nobody's with guns coming.

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