Richard mentions those alarming traits of typical uber rich Americans. All of those traits are descriptive of any narcissist and/or sociopath. Think: criminal, or killer--which is what they want to do to OUR taxpayer funded Social Security $$$. No different!

This is all the more reason we all need to get ready for 2035 or whenever our Soc Sec trust fund starts to see about a 20% reduction in our benefits, as we all have been warned of for years now.

Who will control congress or be president then????

Billionaires, in 2010, with the help of the 5 Reichwing sociopaths on SCOTUS in a case called: Citizens United, have been busy buying all Reichwinger politicians & about 50+% of Democrats to do their bidding over The People's will, needs, or protests.

This article here is a major "heads up." Over 60 million Americans receive Social Security. Atleast about 1/3 of that number depend on this one check alone to live, like I do.

Join with SocialSecurityWorks.org to keep up to date with this on-going battle.

Btw: There shouldn't even be any such thing as a billionare!

What is wrong with a human that can't be satisfied with $999,999,999 to their name????!!!

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my reply to this has been verwritten on top of yours. makes it hard to read. trying again.

Social Security is a little more complex than most peoplbother to understand. to keep it very simple: "make the rich pay" is the fastest way to get them to destroy Social Security. Roosevelt made it worker paid so it would be harder for them. has worked well so far.

you are not being taxed twice. take a little longer to explain that to you. meanwhile the 2035 "death of the trust fund" can be avoided entirely just by raising your own payroll tax about onte dollar per week each year while your income is going up about ten dollars per week per year.

you have to make up your mind, is it worth paying for or do you really think you can make "the rich pay" for your retirement?

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Biden is and always has been in for destroying what is left of the new deal.

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Right about the blue ribbon “commission” as a way to sneak in cuts to Social Security; the last time that happened was during the Reagan administration (shocker) and that’s when your benefits became subject to income tax for the first time. Note also that it was not indexed to inflation so now just about everyone has to pay taxes on income that was already taxed; the dreaded “double taxation” that Reagan was so upset about for the wealthy who got most of their income from dividends versus actual work.

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you get about three times as much back from Social Security as you paid in. You are not being taxed twice. "the rich" only get about "as much as" they paid in adjsuted for inflation plus a little "interest" based on the growth in average wages since they paid in (each paycheck). it is the contributions of the rich that enable SS to pay the poor more than they paid in...that is more than the three times as much that most of us get.

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nothing i have said here means i love the rich. i just think that most people don't know what they are talking about and that is why it will be so easy for the rich to take SS away from them.

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